Menorah Mission School program consists in a 9-month course that aims to provide a deeper education in the fields of Bible knowledge, evangelism, health, leadership and agriculture. To do so, we offer a curriculum of classes and of practical activities, to cover the various aspects involved and to equip with a comprehensive knowledge and experience in those fields. All classes are taught in English.

To allow the students to gain extra practical experience in fields of their interest during the course, beyond regular class time (where we already have practice) more than 40 hours will be devoted to gain more experience in vocational fields covered during the course. Each student will be able to choose two topics among massage, hydrotherapy, preaching and teaching.

"Let the living gospel be taught in our schools. Let students be educated in its principles, that they may be prepared to impart the truth to others. Let them learn to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of those whom they will meet in their work. By the ministry of the word the gospel is preached; by medical missionary work the gospel is practiced. The gospel is bound up with medical missionary work. Neither is to stand alone, bound up in itself" "Manuscript Releases", vol. 13, p. 303


August 29th 2017 - June 3rd 2018

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How to Study the Bible

An introduction to the Bible; this class will cover a sweep of the content of Scripture and provide the basics on how to study, understand and interpret it. The student will be taught how to memorize important passages and texts that support Bible doctrines.

Bible Doctrines

Explore the core teachings of Scripture as outlined in the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The student will learn how to share these doctrines in a meaningful, attractive and Christ centered way and to answer to the main objections to them.

Personal Evangelism

This class will cover different methods to awaken spiritual interest and will teach the students how to write and share Bible studies to lead a soul to Christ. The student will learn the principles of soul winning, the process of conviction and the art of leading people to decision. These skills will be applied through field experience.

Plan of Redemption

A big picture of the central theme of Scripture: the plan of redemption as understood in the frame of the great controversy motif. The student will get insights on the controversy from its inception in the heavenly courts to its final consummation – the end of evil and the new earth. Considerable time will be spent studying the incarnation, nature, righteous life and substitutionary death of Christ, as well as the experience of justification and sanctification by faith and victory over temptation.


The sanctuary as presented in the Bible gives a unique understanding of the plan of salvation. Every article of furniture, ritual and annual feast will be studied in both type and antitype, which will help to form an understanding of Christ’s ministry in the sanctuary service.

Daniel and Revelation

This class will be an in-depth chapter by chapter study of Daniel and Revelation. The student will get a thorough understanding of these two books through an examination of their historical, present, and future fulfillments. We will focus on the importance of our prophetic heritage, on which the Seventh-day Adventist Church built its origin and purpose.


In this study of the principles of sermon preparation and presentation the student will learn how to prepare and present powerful sermons using a variety of preaching tools and styles. The class will include the preparation and delivery of a short sermon for all students and can be chosen as a subject for extra practice hours.

Principles of Teaching

An introduction to the growing range of teaching skills needed to meet the diversity of learning needs that students may encounter from instructor to lecturer to facilitator and personal tutor. These skills will equip students to meet the needs of those to whom they seek to instruct on Bible principles or lecture on biblical and health topics. This class can also be chosen as a subject for extra practice hours.

Public Evangelism

Learn to apply the principles from the inspired writings in regards to how to plan and preach an evangelistic campaign, leading people to Christ and helping them to keep their relationship with Him. Practical instruction will cover the planning and implementation of the complete cycle of evangelism.

Media Evangelism

In today’s fast-paced media driven society, how you present your message in a visual stimulating sector is more important than ever. The student will learn the ins and outs of evangelistic video production.

Church History and Adventist History

This class covers the big picture of church history from the first century onward, focusing on the flow of events in the formation, deformation, reformation and final restoration of the Christian church. Special emphasis will be given to the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Spirit of Prophecy

An investigation on the role of the Gift of Prophecy in the biblical times and, in modern times, in the life and ministry of Ellen G. White. The tests and functions of a prophet will be examined and emphasis will be given on Ellen G. White’s role in the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Answers will be given to the main objections raised against her ministry and prophetic gift.


Discussions on the principles and guidelines as revealed in the Bible, as well as in the Spirit of Prophecy, regarding steps toward courtship, marriage, and a happy home.

Christian Living

This class will address and outline Biblical principles that are at the foundation of every choice that a Christians is called to take in his/her daily life. Topics such as temperance, regularity, entertainment, dress will be used to see how we can be a blessing both to us and to others through small things in life, which have in reality a much bigger impact than commonly thought.


Working in the field, the student will develop skills and experience, the joy of friendship evangelism, door-to-door ministries, health evangelism, Bible studies and evangelistic visitation.

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God's Healing Plan

This class will focus on God's original plan for health, how sin corrupted it, and how to get back to a healthful lifestyle. We will uncover the differences between true and false remedies both from biblical revelation and science.

8 Health Principles

After learning about God's original plan for our health the student will learn about the laws of health in a practical class. Nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest and trust in God. We will study how this principles influence the chemistry and functions of our body, and how they can lead to a "good life style".

Anatomy and Physiology

Explore the amazing structure of the body and discover how the different systems cooperate, from the single cells to the main organs. Muscles and joints will move the body, but not without the cooperation with the blood vessels, the heart, the nerves. Kidneys, liver, and even the skin will work together for the common purpose of cleansing the whole organism.


In this class students will be introduced "God's Pharmacy". The students will learn how to choose, prepare, and manage herbs and plants to treat disorders and diseases.


Through the knowledge gained during the anatomy course the students will take part to this practical class about massage and its healthful effect on the body. Instructions will be given on how to apply techniques such as compressions, frictions, percussions, effleurage and petrissage. This class can be chosen as a subject for extra practice hours.


This class will go into details about the physiological requirements of the body and the functions of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and the major vitamins and minerals. Students will study the positive health benefits from the oldest recorded diet in history, the plant based diet, and will be able to plan a nutritionally balanced meal.


The use of water in any of its three forms solid, liquid or vapor, internally or externally is called hydrotherapy and is as old as the practice of medicine. This class will give theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to perform water treatments in order to boost different functions of the body. Water wisely applied, is a most powerful remedy. This class can also be chosen as a subject for extra practice hours.

Natural Remedies

Discover how many powerful natural agents God created for us to use to treat different diseases and illnesses. The course will provide theoretical knowledge and practical experience regarding the use of charcoal, clay and many other vegetables, roots and herbs internally and externally through poultices.

Mind Cure and Stress

The brain is in control of every body function such as breathing, walking, talking, and swallowing but it also controls our emotions and our feelings: stress, joy, happiness, and sadness. In this course we will study the influence of the mind upon the body, the body upon the mind, and the laws by which they are governed. This course will prepare students to give Christian counseling throughout studying a Christian perspective of psychology and the health mechanism of the mind.

Health Evangelism

In this class we will learn the role of the health message as an entering wedge for public and personal evangelism. We will look on the life of the Great Physician and learn about "Christ method alone of winning souls". Practicum will include organization of a health expo, cooking classes and health talks.

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Christian Education

Acquire more knowledge of God’s original plan of education for mankind. Discover the dynamic relationship between education and salvation in illustrations of means by which Christian principles may pervade every facet of education.

Self-Supporting Ministry

Catch the vision of Paul, an example of what laymen can accomplish for the gospel while working to support themselves financially! Study contemporary examples of this model in action.

Team Management

In this class you may develop communication and leadership skills in a practical setting. The course includes problem solving, planning, carrying out and evaluation of smaller and bigger projects as well as organizing events.

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The course will include practical work in the agricultural project that supports the school. The students will learn simple farming procedures and how to grow their own food.

Mission TripRead description...Hide

The Mission Trip will be in the beginning of 2018. Students will have an "out of the comfort zone" experience, a wonderful opportunity to grow in their character, share the knowledge gained during the course and see their lives and the lives of others changed.
The Mission Trip will be in a third world’s country that will be communicated to the applicants before the beginning of the course.

Guest Teachers will include: